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Motivation America

Motivation America

More focused than ever things will happen to interrupt your focus. Make it your business to quickly get that focus back. It’s easy to blame the distractions for being distracted. It’s much better to let each one go, and to get right back on track.Don’t be resentful of the interruptions, because that just gives them more power. Stay committed to your intention, to your focus, and let the interruptions burn themselves out. The interruptions will find you, but you don’t have to let them divert you. Your attention is yours to control and assign, so exercise that control.Motivation America is an enduring destination for motivation. Motivation America has established a goal and the goal is intendeded to be a reminder, bringing you back, day after day, to the best that’s within you. We present messages that are open, honest and sincere. They’re not judgmental or promotional or sarcastic, yet they can be very profound. If you want to get yourself oriented in a more positive, empowered direction. Motivation America is supported primarily by donations and subscriptions from people who understand the value of staying positively focused on a day-to-day basis, and who also understand the value of investing in their own personal development. Though the investment is embarrassingly modest (just $7 per month) The site is also supported by advertising, which is displayed only to non-subscribers. If you’re looking for a dose of positivity you might want to check out Motivation America.

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